At Aeolus, we strive to make your life more comfortable.

We manufacture ventilation and heating solutions.


Our original products are never boring. They bring a special touch to your home and office. 

Why choose us?

Design, Comfort, Versatility, environment and long-lasting products create our DNA and these five elements run through our blood in each step, from design to the manufacturing process. It is our way of saying thank you for letting us be part of your home.

Incredible designs & developments

Not only do we design & develop incredibly unique products, we incorporate technology that makes your life easier and more comfortable.


Our products incorporate recycled materials to the extent possible without sacrificing durability, versatility, and quality.


We source premium materials, valuing quality over price so that the product lasts. Our products have an unlimited guarantee for 365 days. That's right, an unlimited guarantee.


One of the pillars of our engineering and design processes is thinking about how to make your life more comfortable by allowing you to use your fan in different situations and different places. Transportability, accessibility, and design: with Aeolus, you get it all.

Thank you for your business!

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