Baby HH fan

Pick your favorite mode: Heater, Humidifier or heater + humidifier!

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Heater and ultrasonic humidifier. Ultra safe

Comfort and piece of mind

Baby+ will provide comfort to the baby and piece of mind to you mom. It is elaborated with top notch technology to ensure safety and comfort.  


The best solution for your bebe and your family:

  • Heater options from 1000 to 1500 watts
  • Double anti-overheating protection 

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360° adjustable steam outlet.

Water tank of 1.6L (.43 gallons) & Removable water tank for easy cleaning. 

What's more...

No fires, no toxic air, no smelly odors.

Ceramic heater with safe and fast-heating elements.

Baby+ Heater and Humidifier incorporates:

Tip-over safety switch • Air filter • Easy to carry • LED screen • ECO function

I want a Baby+ Heater and Humidifier for my home!


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