Tower fan Bonzai 78

The tower fan that's reshaping how you enjoy the wind's embrace.

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Transform your space with a stream of air that stays with you from dawn till dusk

Dual Mode: Normal and Night

Do you demand versatility? The Bonzai 78 delivers with two wind modes: Normal for your bustling days and Night for your tranquil moments. Switch effortlessly with a click of the remote or a tap on the control panel. In Night mode, this tower fan reduces its speed automatically, ensuring peaceful slumber under the perfect breeze.

Intelligent Oscillation

With just a press, your tower fan Bonzai 78 unfolds its magic: automatic oscillation to spread that cool air evenly. Comfort is just a button-push away, and with Bonazai 78, every corner of your room becomes the best seat in the house.

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Convenient Timer

Your Bonzai 78 tower fan syncs with your lifestyle rhythm. With its adjustable timer up to 15 hours, you can customize how and when you want it to turn off automatically. It's perfect for those moments when tranquility and efficiency are top of mind.

Invite a fresh breeze into your life

Three adjustable levels

Adjustable timer up to 15 hours

Automatic oscillation

Grab yours now and elevate your comfort!


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