Air Circulator MX NDX

The World’s first air circulator made with upcycled ocean plastic.

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Energy efficient-dual oscillation technology

Sleep More!

MX NDX is bedtime-friendly. With its special air flow mode that decreases the speed and noise levels every 30 minutes and a 12-hour timer, you won't even need to get out out of bed. Nighty-night.

A vortex on the go

The MX NDX oscillates vertically and horizontally simultaneously, creating a vortex that maximizes air circulation in the whole room/office. The practical size makes it ready to go wherever you need it most. 

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Save our Oceans

With MX NDX you'll be able to prevent carbon dioxide entering our atmosphere. The upcycling process produces up to 80% less CO2 emissions than producing virgin plastics*.

Besides helping our world, the MX NDX will help you save on your electricity consumption and maximize your comfort. Go green with MX NDX.

Customizable setting


Random airflow to mimic outdoor winds


Performs the function of a standard fan


Lowers its speed and noise level every 30 minutes

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